How To Save Money on Inks & Toners..

The best way of doing so is running your printer with re-manufactured cartridges.

Remanufactured cartridges are NOT to be confused with the compatibles which as everyone knows, can be very hit and miss in terms of quality and life longevity.

Here are the most asked questions in regards to the product. If we haven't covered everything, pop your questions in the live chat and we’d be happy to assist you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a re-manufactured cartridge invalidate my printer warranty?

In a word, no.

It is still worth checking your warranty document, however 99% of printer warranties will state the warranty will only be invalid if the damage to the printer was caused by a copy cartridge. Which is why a remanufactured cartridge is the perfect alternative as when using ours we cover your printer with our own warranty!

What is a re-manufactured cartridge?

The outer casing is moulded and the inside components are added. Chips are added where necessary and then filled with ink. A remanufactured cartridge is collected through our recycling scheme. Only the best quality cartridges are remanufactured. They are firstly cleaned thoroughly with our own developed cleaning solution to remove any dried ink. They are then refilled and each cartridge is tested before leaving the factory.

Why should I buy 'Re-Man' inks over original manufacturer inks?

There are a number of reasons; the main reasons are Quality, Reliability, ExtraLife and Price!

I’ve heard that remanufactured inks may block my print heads?

This may be the case with some of our competitors. This is mainly down to the fact that air gets inside the ink cartridge at the manufacturing stage. At Inks&Toners4u we undertake a unique process to avoid this, resulting in a very a low return rate, less than 0.3%.

Can re-manufactured consumables damage my printer?

No. Our cartridges are designed to fit your printer. Unless a cartridge is forced or installed wrongly you should have no problems with any of our cartridges.

Will the colours be as bright as the original manufacturer cartridges?

The simple answer is YES! We have 30 years’ experience and have perfected our inks and powders to give rich, vibrant, long lasting prints. (However, the setting you use for your printer and the correct paper will make a huge difference to your print.)

Does a Ink&Toner4u product last as long as an Original product?

Our cartridges will print at least the same amount, and in some cases more than the original branded product. This benefits the consumer and the environment, as the cartridge not only contains extra ink but is also made from recycled materials, therefore printing for longer and reducing waste.

Our Laser Toner cartridges are filled with the same amount of toner so you will not experience any loss of pages.

What is Extra Life?

Our ExtraLife technology has been developed to offer up to 100% more printed pages than the OEM equivalent, offering excellent value for money.

I have already tried a compatible or re-manufactured product before and was not happy with the result!

You have not tried our product! Some other products may not have the desired result. But we have spent 30 years perfecting our inks and toners and you will find it hard to spot the difference of a printed sample between an Ink&Toner4u product and an OEM.

What happens if I have a problem with your product?

The first place to visit is our support website,

If you cannot find the solution for you, we recommend that you call us for some technical advice. If we are unable to correct the problem, we will then direct you to the store where you purchased the product for an exchange.

Where are your inks and toners made?

All of our inks and toners are made and manufactured in our UK factories.                       

Employing over 300 people in the UK, this results in wages going back in the UK economy.